New and Revolutionary Web Application Empowers
You to Setup your Own Info-Publishing and
Affiliate Marketing Internet Business in
Less than ONE minute!

Watch this short video and see how quick and easy it is to setup your own product and website.

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Here's what you will get every month and how our system automates your entire online business:

One High quality e-business/marketing related info product with professionally designed graphics, salesletter, squeeze page, followup letters and articles that you can modify, claim ownership and resell for 100% profits. You will get Private Label Rights to each of these info-product.

  Our system will customize the product sales page, squeeze page and download page with your name and contact info.

  Create and customize your info-product and convert it into a pdf document for your customers.

  Setup your order link and insert it on your sales page and protect your download page.

  Create your autoresponder, customize and setup the followup messages and insert your subscription form code on the product's squeeze page.

  Customize and publish the included articles on your website and link them to your product sales page.

Up to 3 niche affiliate reviews with quality articles and 7 day email ecourse for each review package.

  our system will customize the reviews and articles and upload them to your website. All affiliate links will be replaced with your own.

  create your autoresponder, setup the followup messages and insert the subscription form codes on your squeeze page.

All you have to so is send traffic to either your squeeze page (recommended) or directly to the review/sales page.

You will also get a clickbank market place portal containing over 10,000 products that you can promote and earn up to 75% in commission. Each click and search query on your portal is a potential profit for you! Your portal is automatically updated directly from clickbank every day making sure you promote the latest products and services.

To complement your clickbank portal, and make your website a source of information so that visitors return to it time after time, you'll also receive 50 quality articles every month in 15 different niche markets that will be automatically customized by our system and uploaded to your website. Each article will carry adsense-style ads retrieved from your clickbank portal, based on the keywords contained in each article. This ensures maximum targetting and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  How can you claim that all of the above will be setup in less than 1 minute?

The Answer:

Introducing ... the Replicator.

The new web application that will handle all of this for you has been named the "Replicator" and is just one module of our Website Automation Center suite of tools which is used by thousands of marketers all over the world since the last 6 years. The Website Automation Center will give you all the tools you need to setup and grow your online business - the major modules that you will be using are:

1. An autoresponder and mailing list system to collect your visitor's and customer's email address so that you can followup on them and make repeat sales.

2. A product, order and download management system so that your visitors can safely pay and automatically receive the product without your having to lift a single finger.

3. A website management system with 6000 mb disk space and 120 GB bandwidth hosting platform to host all your files and pages. Enough to host tens of thousands of pages and hundreds of info products. The nature of our hosting platform makes it faster than any regular webhost.

The Website Automation Center contains more features but I don't want to overwhelm you with those - the above are all that you need to start your ebusiness. To get an extensive list of it's capabilities and features, go to

As you can see, you get all the tools you need to setup your online business instantly.

  What else do I need to start my own online business using your system?

Apart from your website automation center account, you will need a domain name where your webpages will be setup. We don't provide domain registration services but can recommend you the following two sources that offer cheap domain names:

Having a domain name is a major requirement as you won't be able to setup any of the products and review websites without it. So make sure that you have a domain name ready either before or right after you sign up for the Instant Internet Business system.

Second, you will need a paypal account so as to accept payments from your customers for the info products that we'll make available to you on your website through our system. Opening a paypal account is free at

Third, you will need a clickbank nickname so that you are credited for the sales of the products being recommended through the review websites and clickbank market place portal that will be setup on your website. You can open a free clickbank account by going to this url -

If you meet the above 3 requirements, you are ready to set up your own internet business in just a few minutes using our Replicator system.

  Do I have to know any technical stuff like html and ftp?

No. Everything has already been done for you and our web software automatically creates your personalized websites and upload them to your domain name. Each website takes less than 1 minute to setup. If you know how to fill out a simple form, then you can do this.

  Do you provide instructions on how to get started and setup my websites?

Yes, we have created step by step video tutorials that will guide you through the whole process.  Once you have created your website automation center account, come back here and can view the tutorials found on this page.

  Can you provide a sample of the type of minisite, articles and affiliate review website that you'll provide every month?

Sure, you can check out the type of sites that we'll provide you every month through the urls below: (minisite) (review site) (articles)

  Ok, I'm interested. How much does your system cost?

First, let's sum up what you will get every month.

1. One high quality info product with ready made minisite with private label rights ($57 value)
2. Three affiliate review websites ($27 value)
3. 50 niche articles ($75 value)

4. Autoresponder and mailing list management system ($20 value)
5. Product and download management system ($20 value)
6. 6000 mb with 120 GB bandwidth ($10 value)

Your investment...

Right now, you can get the complete Instant Internet Business together with our unique automation system for a meagre investment of only $29.95 per month. Considering the value of the tools and products that you're getting, I'm sure you'll agree it is a true bargain.

Rock Solid 60 Days 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it as risk-free as possible for you. So here's what I'd like you to do...

Use the Instant Internet Business and website automation system for 60 days. If you believe you didn't get everything that was promised to you in this letter, simply say so. Your investment will be refunded to you in full. That's a promise!!

So order right now, while it's fresh in your mind. You will be able to start using the system immediately!

So what are you waiting for? With the generous money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Once you have created your automation center account, make sure to follow the video tutorials on this page so as to setup your domain and website on the system.

The website automation system is a must have if you're serious about starting your own profitable internet business and enjoying the lifestyle that goes with it. Automation is without a doubt the key ingredient in e-business success.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time by clicking here.


P.S. I've been told that I'm charging too little for this system while others are selling less feature-packed website automation systems for twice or three times more. Take advantage of this special offer NOW, before I come to my senses and increase the price.